It’s amazing what can actually become of your goals when you actually follow the rules. Even after being on the plan for a while; I’d still slip up and try my own way again. I’ve used the phrase “get all in or get out” with my co-workers and here i was being tested by my own words. Here I am 9 months later 4 pant sizes smaller.
It was never easy.

But having Ryan as an encourager that has been in the same shoes prying your arms out of the same hole he’d been in to keep you on track was life changing. I’m forever grateful for the education and the words of strength sent my way each day.

- Heather Cotter

My weight loss journey started years ago. I hated seeing myself in the mirror. Over the years I have lost a large amount of weight with Weight Watchers but was never able to keep it off. I was very intimidated by Ryan's program because it was so different from what I was used to. But I kept at it and was amazed at how simple the program was. I don't avoid the mirror anymore! It has been almost 10 months since I started Woodall Weight Loss Solutions . . .

Not the fat Grandma anymore.

- Georgianna J

"I have fought to lose my weight since 2000, I have tried every diet there is. You name it-pills, wraps, drops, I done it all and some would help me lose some weight (mainly water weight) and then that was it and I would get aggravated and depressed and go right back to eating.

Stop those thoughts now and join Woodall Weight Loss Solutions. I encourage you to not just do the initial 8 weeks because these are only the beginning to changing your routine. The best part of doing Woodall Weight Loss Solutions is at 44 years old, l am toned better in my arms, shoulders, and back than I ever have been and my legs are defined once again. My boys like going places with me and not being embarrassed by how I look! Make an investment in yourself, you will be glad you did."

- Kimberly W

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"I have clients all over the world getting in amazing shape. I'd love to add you to that success! I've trained over 4800 people in the last 5 years now. Personally,
I lost 62 pounds using these methods.

Here is what I do: during a phone interview I gather information on what you are currently doing as far...

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